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Installing Natural Slate Roofing In Lowndes County, Georgia

A fine structure calls for a fine roof. Slate roofing contractors in can help you decide how to use “The Sheltering Stone” to increase your homes beauty, longevity, and overall value.

Natural slate roofing can last more than a century if properly maintained, and if the best slate roofing material is installed. If you are considering installing natural slate roofing on your home, a slate roofing contractor can give you all the information you need. Here are just a few pieces of information about natural slate roofing material.

What Is Natural Slate?

It seems like a silly question, but it is one worth asking. Natural slate is a type of durable, metamorphic stone that is easily shaped into shingles. In the old days, all the shaping work was done by hand, with hand tools, so there was no consistency in the design of the slate shingles. Most historic slate roofs were graduated #151; small shingles at the top, and larger ones at the bottom. This technique can still be employed, and results in a charming look.

These days, natural slate can be shaped into various aesthetically pleasing sizes and designs, because manufacturers are able to use machine methods for creating natural slate shingles. Depending on your building’s architecture, there can be many shapes and even color variations to choose from. Be sure to talk to your natural slate roofing specialist about the different types of slate that are available. They do vary in quality and the price corresponds.

Drawbacks Of Installing Natural Slate Roofing

There are not many drawbacks to slate roofing material. It is brittle — so if a tile is struck just right, it could break. However, broken slate shingles can be easily replaced by your natural slate roofing installer.

The Advantages Of Natural Slate Roofing

Besides being unparalleled in beauty and perfect for historic renovations, natural slate roofing has many other advantages.

  • Stone is Non-Combustible — Unlike shake and other natural roofing options, stone is absolutely fire resistant.
  • Slate is Heavy — Natural slate roofing is not nearly as susceptible to wind damage as other forms of roofing material.
  • Waterproof — Properly applied slate roofing material will not leak.
  • Little or no maintenance cost
  • Advantageous From An Insurance Standpoint — Since natural slate is fireproof and virtually indestructible stone, you can save money on insurance premiums once it is installed.
  • Naturally Beautiful — with many color variations and appearance options, natural slate is one of the best choices for a beautiful roof.

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