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An Introduction To Gypsum Board And Drywall Repair Basics

Drywall board has to be treated with a little bit of care. Otherwise it will crack, break, or get punctured. When that happens to a drywall surface in your home, you need to have it repaired. The good news is that drywall repairs are relatively easy and inexpensive, and it is also generally pretty easy to find qualified drywall patching and repair specialist in your own vicinity.

To repair a hole in drywall like those that happen when someone accidentally falls against a wall or when your enthusiastic youngster tries out his new karate kick on the wall of the living room, a patch is applied.

  • First the damaged section is cut out with a drywall knife and the debris is removed.
  • Next a new fresh section of drywall is cut to match the hole, by measuring the cutout section and then cutting a similar piece out of a new sheet of drywall board.
  • In order to make the patch piece adhere, the drywall patching and repair specialist will then attach it with special drywall tape, covering the tape with a compound often called mud.
  • This mud is a type of plaster used to smooth over cracks and patch marks so that once the repair is finished you won't notice it through the paint job.
  • If your repair is a small one it may be possible to mend it without having to use a new sheet of drywall. In that case the drywall patching and repair specialist can spread a drywall fabric mesh patch across the crack, dent, or hole and then mud that over with compound to make it stay in place.

Also note that anytime a repair is done, the repaired portion of the drywall where it has been taped or patched with mesh needs to be smoothed over so that it does not bulge in a conspicuous manner. The drywall patching and repair specialist accomplishes this by sanding down the repair spot after the drywall compound or mud has completely dried. With an expert sanding the patched spot becomes smooth and even, and then you can paint or wallpaper over it without anyone knowing that it was ever damaged or repaired.

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