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Inspections And Roofing: Why A Roof Inspection Is Important In Butts County, Georgia

What is a roof? Is it just the top of the house to you? It might be that until it starts leaking or worse, part of it comes crashing down on top of your dining room table after a really bad storm. A roof does more than keep the rain out, it helps to keep the heat in during the winter as well. A roof is important, but we often don’t really think about it until we are splashing about in the soggy living room carpet of our new homes. Having a roof inspection done in Butts County, Georgia is important to be sure, but it is vital anywhere that people intend to live indoors.

What a roof does:

  • Keeps the rain, snow, hail, wind and bugs out of our homes from above.
  • Keeps the heat, cool air and cats inside where they belong.
  • Keeps us from living in really expensive tents.

How a roof can fail:

  • Can collapse if not properly built to shed the snow or rain.
  • Buckles when the heat is not allowed to escape through its layers in the summer
  • Individual or sheets of shingles can sheer off during heavy winds.
  • May leak around seams or crevices if not properly sealed during installation.

What a roof inspection will look for:

  • Obvious faults in construction including poor workmanship or cheap/substandard materials during installation or subsequent repairs.
  • Obvious signs of hastily or poorly done repairs or parts of the roof.
  • Missing, heaving or buckling shingles or other materials.
  • Large gaps, cracks or seams that could indicate leaking either now or in the future.
  • Interior signs of roof failure including staining on the ceilings or walls, possible mold growth, damp carpets or softened interior walls.

What a roof inspection can do for you:

  • Prevent you from rushing into a home purchase that will entail a large project from the start.
  • Save you thousands of dollars down the road, like when the roof does collapse and destroys your dining room table in addition to the floor, etc.
  • Allow you to make the necessary repairs before the problem gets out of control.

A roof is one of the most important parts of your home even if it does not get the respect that it deserves most of the time. Hiring a Butts County, Georgia area roof inspector could save you the trouble of hiring a roofer in the middle of winter because you do not even want to think about what that could cost you.

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